7j. Print Anonymous Forms in GradeCam Go!


Print anonymous forms that do not record data for a specific student which are helpful for surveys.

1. Locate the "Forms" button for a specific assignment or generic form.

Select the "Forms" button.

2. In the Class field select "Print generic form for any class."

Select the class for which you want to print forms.

3. Select "Anonymous" from the Student ID digits field.

Select the "Generate" link.

5. Download the form as a PDF or PNG image file to print.

Download the form as a PDF or PNG image file to print.

Note: For best results print on white paper.

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    Christina Lear

    How can I scan these in to get results? When I try to scan it requires me to "save as a new student."

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    Elizabeth Cors

    Christine, That is correct, if you do not have the form identified to a roster, you be will prompted and to confirm each one, I would suggest creating a generic roster like Student Student and then give random IDs like 190001 - 193000 (for 2019 or you could do 20190001 - 20193000). By creating a generic roster, you can print out the forms and have the students randomly fill any of them out and scan away.

    Hope this helps.

    Edited by Elizabeth Cors