Using Legacy ELMO cameras with GradeCam


Newer ELMO cameras (MO-1 and newer)

Newer ELMO cameras work just like any other USB camera and should work without any special drivers or configuration by GradeCam.

Older ELMO cameras (TT-12 and older)

Older ELMO cameras required special drivers and the Visual Presenter software in order to work with your computer; GradeCam supports older ELMO cameras by providing some additional drivers which aren't present in the default installer. Use the following links to install them:

*Special windows considerations:

  • ELMO has not released any drivers which are fully compatible with Windows 10, so we cannot support windows 10
    • Some users have reported success in using an ELMO camera by disabling Windows 10 driver signing, however we do not recommend this and it would be at your own risk
  • Installing ELMO support on windows requires administrator access

Using ELMO support on FireFox or Chrome

  • As of March, 2017 and GCPlugin, ELMO support is available on FireFox and Chrome but requires a special helper extension to work. After running the above installer please visit to complete the installation
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