8b. View Student Reports in GradeCam Insight

Julie Brown -

Evaluate a student's performance on scanned assignments.

1. Log into your GradeCam account and click on the Reports tab.

2. Click on the Students link under Reports.

3. View the number of assignments (1) that have been scored and the average percentage (2) for all assignments.

4. Click on a student's name to view more information.

5. See an overview of the student's performance on all assignments.

6. View a graph representing the student's performance on selected assignments.

7. View information on individual assignments and choose whether or not to include the assignment in the graph.

8. Click on an assignment to view additional reports about that assignment.

Note: An overview of the reports can be found in the View Assignment Reports tutorial. To return to this screen use your browser's "Back" button.

9. Click on the "Standards" button to view how the student is performing on each standard.

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