8c. Hide Student Names in Reports in GradeCam Insight

Julie Brown -

Explore the option to hide student names by accessing the reports through the Reports tab instead of Assignments.

1. Log into your GradeCam account and click on the Reports tab.

2. Check the Hide Names box to look at data using student numbers instead of student names in the reports.

3. Example of data with Hide Names feature chosen.

4. Example of data with Hide Names feature not chosen.

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    Corey McNair

    This feature is nice, but I think it is incomplete. I wish we could hide the names, and then sort by # or randomize the order. At present, it is still in alphabetical order - it doesn't fully protect educational privacy if you need to show the report to the class. If you allow retakes, and want students to see what they got wrong the first time, there isn't an efficient way to do that after the fact. I've been printing the report (names hidden), cutting each student's data by hand, and passing that out. That isn't working very well. It would be better if I could print the report, have students take a look, note what they got wrong, and still have their scores confidential.
    Better yet, if the roster had the students email address stored, it would be nice to send each student their results, with options to include the right answer, or even to simply show what ?'s they missed, and not send out their actual responses at all.

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