4e. Print Exam Forms with Alternating Row Letters in GradeCam Insight

Julie Brown -

Print exam forms with different answer choices on odd and even rows.

1. Log into your GradeCam account and click on the Forms tab.

2. Choose Exam from the options under Forms.

3. Choose how many Questions the form should support from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on the Advanced Options link.

5. Click on the Add alternating row link.

6. Type the letters in the box for each answer choice on odd and even rows.

7. Select Blank Form from the form types in the drop-down menu or select a class name if you want to print the forms with Student ID numbers bubbled in.

8. Click on the "Print" button.  **We suggest printing on white paper only.

9. Select the Printer Name (1) from the drop-down menu, the Number of copies (2) you want to print and then click on the "OK" button. Selecting one copy from the print options will print one form for each student in the class list.

Note: The class set of forms can be photocopied which is often cheaper than printing on a printer. If copying one form, make sure the copies are not too light or the black outline of the form is not compromised. You can also laminate the forms and reuse them with dry erase markers.

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