Try GradeCam with a Practice Activity


Follow these steps to add a class, create an assignment and scan practice files for a demo class.

1. Download the Demo_Class.csv file.

2. Download and print the Demo_Assignment.pdf file.


3. Log into your GradeCam account and click on the Setup tab.


4. Click on the "Add Class" button.


5. Type a Class Name, (1) Period (2) and then click on the "Done" (3) button.


6. Click on the "Import Students" button.


7. Click on the "Choose File" button.


8. Select the Demo_Class.csv file from your computer (1) and click on the "Open" (2) button.


9. Click on the "Import" button.


10. Choose the Delimiter Method (1) and the Header Row (2) from the drop-down menus and then click on the "Next" (3) button.

Delimiter Method - How are the pieces of information about a student separated (i.e. commas or tab)? (This example uses commas)
Header Row - Which row contains the name of the information in each column? (This example is Row 1)


11. Make sure the fields are aligned to the column headers in the drop-down menus and then click on the "Next" button.


12. Confirm everything looks good and click on the "Submit" button.


13. Click on the Assignments tab.


14. Click on the "Create" button.


15. Type a Name (1) for the assignment and choose Exam for the Assignment Type (2). Type in 10 for the Number of Questions (3), Date (4), Description (5) and then click on the "Done" (6) button.


16. Scan the answer key from the Demo_Assignment.pdf file and then click on the "Next" button.


17. Choose the Demo_Class from the drop-down menu.


18. Place the sample forms from the Demo_Assignment.pdf file under the camera as seen in the preview screen.


19. The number correct will appear to the left of the student's name in the class list.


20. Information about questions missed and percentage correct appear below the preview screen.

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    Flora Leptak-Moreau

    I do not hear a beep and the NEXT button remains greyed out after no. 2 button (scan) is clicked. I created a small bubble sheet with 10 questions using black ink pen