Clear Your Browser's Cache


A full cache can slow Internet searches or cause problems with web applications. Too large a cache can cause your computer to do slow searches through excessive files in your cache instead of getting the file quickly over the Internet. Another problem is that corrupted files saved in the cache can cause unusual and unexpected problems for web apps such as GradeCam. The solution can sometimes be as simple as clearing your cache.

How to clear the cache in Internet Explorer


Run Internet Exlplorer and click on Tools then click on (1) Internet Options. (2) Under the General Tab you will see the (3) Temporary Internet files section (4) click Delete Files to empty the cache.

How to clear the cache in FireFox


On the menu bar click on the FireFox menu and click on Preferences then click on (1) Advanced then click on the (2) Network tab. In the Cached Web Content section click on (3) Clear Now.

How to clear the cache in Safari


Run Safari and click on (1) Safari in the menu and click on (2) Empty Cache. A window will pop up asking if you're sure. Click on Empty

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