Create a Matching Question with 15 Words


Initially, I was disappointed that there wasn't an option in GradeCam for matching questions, but then realized there really is.  I give vocabulary quizzes in my science classes.  The vocabulary quizzes are always 15 definitions that students have to match to the correct word from a word bank. 

Unfortunately, you can only have answer choices A-E... or so it would seem...

If you have students bubble in one or two bubbles to identify the correct answer then you wind up with 15 possible answer choices for any one question. 

For example:
If I have a wordbank of 15 words, instead of lettering them "A" through "O", I would label them like this:

A)     Bird

B)      Dog

C)      Snake

D)     Cat


 AB) Squirrel

 AC) Chipmunk

 AD) Raccoon

 AE) Deer

 BC) Opossum

 BD) Beaver

 BE) Fox

 CD) Skunk

 CE) Bobcat

 DE) Cougar

On this example quiz, students might see a quesiton or statement like:
1) A semi-aquatic rodent with a broad flat tail. 
The student would then fill in both B & D bubbles on question #1 to indicate the correct answer.  If they fill in only "B" they are saying it is a dog.  Only "D" would indicate it is a cat.   

By doing this I have a quiz with 15 definitions and a wordbank with 15 answers.  Remember the only possible answer choices are: A, AB, AC, AD, AE, B, BC, BD, BE, C, CD, CE, D, DE, E

I tried this for the first time with 36 students in one class today.  It worked well.  My students LOVED getting their grade instantly. As soon as they were done, I pulled up the item analysis, identified a couple of misconceptions which they corrected in their notes and then we moved on.  AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!.

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    Elizabeth Cors

    Nicely done.  This is ingenious.  


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    Fauzia Haque

    In addition to above example, we have also done 3 letters. So total 25 matching items.


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    Theresa Ellington

    You can also now add up to 10 bubbles!  ANY letters...

    so break up word bank into A-J and K-T and thats 20 vocab

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    Kimberly Wells

    Actually, now that you can add up to 10 bubbles, it increases the number you can do even more than 20. You can start with  A-J just being single letters, then start at J with: AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF, AG, AE... etc. If you did it with 3 letters, that adds even more. :) FYI. 

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    Donna Fairhurst

    Awesome - thanks Kimberly for the suggestion. We love the creativity that teachers have with using GradeCam and sharing their ideas with each other.

    Teachers Rock!!