7f. Edit an Answer Key and Regrade Assignments in GradeCam Insight

Julie Brown -

Edit an existing answer key so all previous student assignment scans for the answer key are regraded.

1. Log into your GradeCam account and click on the Assignments tab.

2. Select the assignment for which you need to edit the answer key.

3. Click on the Key link to go to the answer key.

4. Make the desired changes to the answer choices.

5. When complete you will see a message indicating all previous scanned assignments have been regraded.

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    idayatulla adikhanov

    Hi ! In multiple question format when I include two correct answers to be circled among 5 variants , the students get a point from one question in case they cirlce both correct answers otherwise their point is zero even they find one correct answer... I wonder if there is any option to solve it ?

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