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Custom Forms


Shown below are examples of custom forms that can be created with GradeCam.It is important when creating custom forms to download as a PNG (image file).  This is important because when resizing the form size within the document, it is not distorted or stretched to hinder from scanning correctly.  When creating a custom form, it will be a generic form and not associated to any class or student unless you want to create individual custom forms for each class/student. We suggest you print one form and test before using in your classroom. 

**All these examples are showing forms printing in GradeCam Insight and are older forms. You will want to print forms from the current GradeCam software.

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    Samantha Surber

    I would like to use the "Elections" forms.  The download gives information about the form and has a good example; however, it does not tell you how to actually create this type of form.  Some help there would be greatly appreciated...

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    Donna Fairhurst

    You would create the form - 2 questions with 5 answer choices - print the form to PNG and then you would have to create the ballot in a Word document or some type of program that allows you to insert the PNG form.  Please be careful to not stretch or distort the form in any way.  We do not guarantee the form will scan if the original is distorted in anyway. Please only print one to test before printing hundreds.

    Thank you,

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    Mark Batik

    As far as I can tell, there is not a way to do an election form without including some form of a gradecam ID. Is that correct and if it is not, how can this be done? If it is correct, is there a method to generate a number of students with no identification so that the ballots could be counted but the student's identity would not be associated with the ID?

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    Donna Fairhurst

    Hi Mark,

     You can create a generic survey roster.  You can scan anonymously but you will be prompted to save each scan as anonymous, and it could take more time having to say yes to anonymous with each scan.

    If you create a senior rosters 2017001, 2017002 and so on and do that with each class (graduating year001.....) then this will create a generic roster.  You can name them all Student, Student and then have a generic student ID.

    Hope this helps.