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1c. Install the Browser Support in GradeCam


To use GradeCam with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari you need to download the camera plugin to any computer used to scan assignments. When using Chrome there is an extension to install.

1. Open an Internet Browser and go to downloads.gradecam.com.

2. Install the Browser support.


3a. Install extension for Chrome.


3b. Install add-on for Firefox.


4a. Select "Add to Chrome" .



4b. Select "Continue to Installation" for Firefox


5. Add extension.



6. Confirmation that the GradeCam Helper has been added



7. Select and test the camera.

Select and test the camera.

Note: If the image in the preview window is upside-down check the box to Flip Camera Image.


9. Try the Grade Transfer.

Try the Grade Transfer.

10. Select the "Install Successful" button to exit.

Select the "Install Successful" button to exit.
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