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2d. Customize Performance Bands in GradeCam


Performance Bands can be customized so that the colors and cut scores used in certain reports appear using your preferences.

Note: This option is not available on free single-teacher accounts. See the related article on how to upgrade to a paid single-teacher account.

Watch a video tutorial on this topic.

1. Select "Settings" from your Account Menu.

Account Menu

2. Select "Performance Bands" from the list of options on the left.

Settings Menu

3. In the Default section you can select which Performance Band you want to show by default from the drop-down menu.

Default Section

4. Your Personal Performance Band is the only one you can edit to meet your desired grading preferences.

Personal Performance Band

6. Rename your Personal Performance Band by highlighting what is there and typing a new name.

Name field

7. Edit the name, abbreviation, cut scores and color for any range.


8. Use the "Add Another Range" link to add a cut score.

Performance Band

Note: You must have a minimum of two levels for a performance band.

9. Remove any cut band with the minus icon.

Performance Band

Note: You must have a minimum of two levels for a performance band.

10. Use the back arrow to return to the list of Performance Bands when you are done.

Back Arrow

11. The last section shows all Performance Bands created by your school or district and shared with all users to use as needed.

District Performance Bands

Note: You will notice that these Performance Bands cannot be edited and can only be viewed since they were set up to maintain consistency across the organization.


5 Point Rubric

5 Point Rubric



Letter Abbreviations

Letter Abbreviations

Special Characters

Special Characters
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