4a. Add and Edit a Class in GradeCam Go!


Add a class to your GradeCam Go! account.

Watch a video tutorial on this topic.

1. Select the "Classes" tab.

Classes Tab

2. Select the "New" button.

New Button

3. Fill in the required fields and select the "Save" button.

Fields and Save

4. You will immediately be taken to the Students page.

Note: Skip to Step 3 in the Manually Add Students to a Class article.


1. Check the box before the class you want to edit.

Select Class

2. Select the "Edit" button to open the class editor.

Edit Class
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    Awal Ta

    I would like to pay for a monthly subscription.

    Thank you

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    Debbie Delaney

    Hello Awal,

    You can actually pay for a monthly subscription right inside your account.  Go to Menu, select Account Profile, scroll down and enter your credit card information.  

    Thank you,