Step 3: Create an Assignment in GradeCam



  • Douglas Harley

    I want to know what the different assignment types mean, or are.

  • Amy Surdacki

    I want the assignment to be multi-question, scored, for credit.  I don't understand how those three assignment types are mutually exclusive.  I also would like to upload an existing test or quiz and don't see any way to do that.  So this tutorial doesn't answer any of my questions.

  • Stacey Spears

    Douglas, check out 5c, 5d, and 5e for better explanations of the assignment types.  Scored assignments are for assessments that do not fit the bubble format: science fair project, research paper, art project, etc.  Students receive an overall score for their work.  An assignment for credit does not assign a grade or score.  It gives a student full credit when their form is scanned.

  • Graham Smith

    When I click "New", the only option is "multiple question assignment", and then I can't create an assessment with more than 10 questions! What's going on here? 

  • Alison Liberatore

    Having the same problem, Graham. 

  • Maria Galvan

    I  created the assignments last year and I want to use them for my new classes. How I do that?

  • salma alshaghab
  • Gina Carbone

    I've created an assignment. But how do I add it to other classes? Do I have to create the same assignment 3 different times for my 3 classes? I select it from the assignments page but there's no button to add it to my classes. Thanks!

  • Mack Bonthera

    There really needs to be a way to add a different class to an assignment instead of create it ALL OVER AGAIN. This simple but missing feature keeps me from using this software. 


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