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7i. Print Forms in Different Sizes in GradeCam


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Print forms in different sizes to save paper or accommodate different learners.

Note: Also refer to the article on Form Settings which control the width and height of the form.


1. Locate the "Forms" button for a specific assignment or generic form.


2. Select the class for which you want to print forms.

Form Printing

3. Select a "Student" if he or she needs a custom size form.

Form Printing

4. Choose the desired percentage from the "Size" drop-down menu.

Form Printing

Note: This is a helpful feature for visually impaired students that require a larger form but is also helpful to reduce the size of a test to try and fit it on one page.


6. Download the form as a PDF or PNG image file to print.

Form Printing

Note: For best results print on white paper. If making copies of a generic form, copies should be have bold lines and free of any markings that could keep the form from scanning successfully. 

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