7e. Print Reusable Blank Forms with Custom Answer Choices in GradeCam Go!

Julie Brown -

Print forms with custom answer choices.

Note: This option only exists for blank assignments.

1. Select the "Forms" button.

2. Type your desired answer choice options directly in the "Choices" field.

Note: You must have a minimum of 2 and can have a maximum of 10 answer choice options.

3. True/False Example

4. Yes/No Example

5. Vowels Example

6. Numeric Example

Note: We also offer Number Grid and Rubric question types that can be chosen by selecting the item and going to Edit. See the related article on changing question types.

7. Choose other options to produce the desired form.

Note: If a student id number is shorter than the total number of digits available on the form make sure the student right justifies when they bubble in their id numbers and leaves the blank spaces on the left.

9. Download the form as a PDF file or PNG image to print.

Download the form as a PDF file or PNG image to print.

Note: For best results print on white paper. You can print one copy of a blank form and photocopy it which is often cheaper than printing it on a printer. If copying one form, make sure the copies are not too light so the black outline of the form is not compromised. Laminate the forms and reuse them for multiple assignments by using dry erase markers.

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