2h. Configure Gradebook Transfer Settings in GradeCam Go!


Customize settings for transferring student assignment data from GradeCam Go! to your electronic gradebook program.

Note: This option is not available on free single-teacher accounts. See the related article on how to upgrade to a paid single-teacher account.

Watch a video tutorial on this topic.

1. Select "Settings" from your Account Menu.

Account Menu

2. Select "Gradebook Transfer" from the list of options on the left.

Settings Menu

3. Select the format student names appear in your gradebook from the "Name Sorting" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

Note: This is a very important feature. The appearance of names in your student roster export in GradeCam Go! must match the student roster formatting in your electronic gradebook program.

4. Select which function key you want to be the hotkey that triggers the transfer from the "Hotkey" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

Note: You might need to experiment to see which HotKeys are not in use.

Mac Users: On some Mac keyboards you need to press the "fn" key while pressing the HotKey.

5. Select which characters, letters and numbers will be used while sorting from the "While sorting" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

6. Select how you move from one score field to the next in your gradebook  from the "Return Key" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

7. Select how quickly you want data to be transferred from the "Speed" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

Note: Speed of transfer is a setting you will need to adjust based on your electronic gradebook. 

8. Select how you want missing assignments handled from the "Missing Assignments" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

Note: This option tells your gradebook system what you would like to happen if there is a missing assignment scan for a student(s).

9. Select what values will be used when exporting scores from the "Export Scores As" drop-down menu.

Gradebook Transfer

10. Select what place value is desired in the "Decimal Precision" area. For example, the default value of "2" would yield a score of 98.25 whereas a value of "0" would yield 98.

Gradebook Transfer
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