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11a. Admin Settings Overview in GradeCam


Manage Admin settings in a GradeCam Go! School/District account.

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

Access Admin Settings Window

Select "Administer Your District Name - District" from your Account Menu. Then, select "Settings" from the Admin menu.

Account Menu                       Settings Menu


1. Performance Bands 

What is a Performance Band?

Performance Band Resources:

* Customizable performance bands can be used to group student achievement into teacher-determined ranges for quick analysis and actionable feedback! Read more...

* Performance bands are the teacher’s tool for quick and accurate student data analysis. Read more..

 * Customized performance bands in Reports

2. Academic Year

2.1. Select the "Academic Year" option.

Academic Year

2.2. Read the message before adjusting the end date so you understand the impact to roster syncing.

Academic Year

3. Term Padding

3.1. Select the "Term Padding" option.

Term Padding

3.2. Type in the number of days desired for term padding.

Term Padding

4. Teacher Permissions

4.1. Select the "Teacher Permissions" option.

Teacher Permissions

Note: These options allow the admin to regulate what teachers can do with the imported rosters that are "owned" by the school or district. By default these options are unchecked not allowing teachers to edit district-owned classes. Teachers will still be able to create their own classes outside of "owned" rosters if they want but those rosters will not be visible to the admin nor will they "sync" if it is a sync school account.

4.2. Check options if desired.

Teacher Permissions

5. User Interface

5.1. Select the "User Interface" option.

User Interface

5.2. Select if you want users to have access to beta features.

User Interface


Close Settings Window

Select the "X" icon to exit the settings menu.

Exit Menu
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