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6e. Create an Assignment with Alternating Row Letters in GradeCam


Create an assignment with alternating row letters similar to the format used on standardized tests.

Watch a video tutorial on this topic.

1. Select the "Assignments" tab.

Assignments Tab

2. Select the "New" button and choose "New Multiple-Question Assignment" from the drop-down menu.

New Button

3. Type a "Name" for the assignment, enter the number of questions in the "Length" section and choose a "Date."

Assignment Fields

Note: There is a limit of 10 questions per assignment for free single-teacher accounts. See the related article on how to upgrade to a paid single-teacher account if more questions are needed for an assignment.

4. Select the "Save" button.

Save Button

Note: Selecting "Save" will automatically take you to the "Keys" tab.

5. From the item drop-down menu (1) choose "Select Even" (2).

Select Even Choice

6. Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.

Edit Question

7. Type your answer choices in the "Bubbles" field (1) and select the "Save" button (2).

Type your answer choices

8. Select the X to close the window.

Select X

9. View the changed answer choices for the even-numbered items.

View the changed answer choices

10. Select the appropriate answer choices for each question.

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