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12e. Link to a Student Portal Assignment from Google Classroom


Create a link in Google Classroom to access an assignment in Student Portal.

Note: Student Portal is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

1. Select the "Assignments" tab.

Assignments Tab

2. Select the box before the assignment you want to use with the Student Portal.

Select the assignment

Note: See the related article on how to create an assignment in GradeCam Go!

3. Select the "More" button (1) and then choose "Student Portal" from the drop-down menu (2).

Choose More then Student Portal

4. From the "Pick Classes" tab (1) choose the ellipses (2) and then select "Copy link for sharing with students" (3).

Select ellipses and copy link

5. Note the message that the link is now copied to the clipboard and can be pasted in Google Classroom or elsewhere.


6. Go to your Google Classroom account.

Google Classroom

7. Select the "Classwork" tab (1) and choose the "Create" button (2).

Google Classroom assignment

10. Paste the link in the Link field (1) and then select "Add Link" (2).

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