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10l. Manage Class Groups in GradeCam


Class Groups allow teachers to access student rosters that belong to other classes for purposes like scanning, data reports, and form printing. This tutorial will show you how to create a class group and understand permissions, along with managing the Class Group. Once the Class Group has been created, you will want to view the tutorial on how to share assignments to Class Groups.

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

Watch a video tutorial on this topic.


  • Share an assignment with only the classes in the class group
  • Print and scan forms for all classes in the group

1. Select "Administer Your District Name - District" from your Account Menu.

Admin Account

2. Go to the More menu (1) and select Groups (2).

More Menu

3. Select "New Class Group" from the New drop-down menu.

New Class Group

5. Use the filters to locate classes to add to the group.


7. Use the "Manage" button to make changes to your selections.

Manage Group

8. Delete a Group

8.2. Select the group you wish to delete.

Select the group you wish to delete

8.3. Select the "Delete" button on the toolbar.

Delete Button
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