Standards Reporting - Point Based Calculations ON / OFF


"Use point-based calculations for standards reports": ON

Standards reports scores are calculated by the total points scored out of the total possible points possible, from questions with the standard aligned.

In the example below, questions #1 - 6 all have the standard aligned. Questions #1 - 5 are worth a possible 1 point each, and question #6 is worth a possible 5 points (10 possible points in total). The scan scored 1 point each on questions #1 - 5 (5/5 points), and scored 0 points on question #6 (0/5 points). Their final score reflects the points scored out of the points possible (5/10 = 50%):

Example A:



"Use point-based calculations for standards reports": OFF

Standard report scores are calculated by looking at only the percentage score for each question, regardless of different questions having higher or lower point values.

In the example below, we are looking at the same scan data that was shown in "Example A" (shown above). With this setting set to "OFF", we now only look at the percentage scored for each individual question, and ignore whether any questions have higher or lower points.

On questions #1 - 5, they scored 100% on each question. On question # 5, they scored 0%. We then average all of the percentages scored across all questions to come to the final score:

Example B:


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