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8i. Provide Feedback to Students in GradeCam


For users of GradeCam's Student Portal, this feature allows you to enter feedback on any completed assignments (scanned or online) which will appear in students' accounts.

Note: Student Portal is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

1. Select the "Assignments" tab.

Assignments Tab

2. Select the assignment name for which you want to enter scores.

Select Assignment

Note: Your are automatically taken to the "Scans" tab.

3. Select the student for which you want to provide feedback.

Select Student

4. Select the feedback icon for the item you want to provide a comment.

Feedback Icon

5. Type your comment in the Teacher Feedback field that appears.

Teacher Feedback

6. When you are done, select the "Save" link (1) to save changes and the "X" (2) to close the window.

Save and Close


7.1. To access your feedback students need to log into the Student Portal and select "Turned In" under Assignments to view a list of completed assignments.

Turned In

7.2. Then they need to select the assignment to see your feedback.

Teacher Feddback
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