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Web Grade Transfer and Legacy Grade Transfer


What is the new Web Grade Transfer?

Our new Web Grade Transfer tool still brings your grades from within GradeCam into your grade book. We have put this together in order to both make Grade Transfer available on more platforms, as well as improve reliability. This new Web Grade Transfer lives entirely in the browser, and will no longer require the stand-alone plugin to be installed to work properly. The mechanism in the background that makes this possible has changed slightly, but in most cases, there should be very little difference (if any!) in how it is used.

The process of getting this new tool set up involves installing the browser extension (GradeCam Helper) found at and following the steps listed there.

What is the Legacy Grade Transfer?

The Legacy Grade Transfer is the tool that you've used with us for years to bring your grades from GradeCam to your grade book, but did require a stand-alone plugin to be installed on your system. This prevented any system running Chrome OS (Chromebooks) to utilize this time saving feature.

How do I switch between using the new Web Grade Transfer and the Legacy Grade Transfer?

If you do find it necessary to switch back to the Legacy Grade Transfer, you can do so by clicking the browser extension icon near the address bar in your browser, then clicking the gear (or cog) icon to get to the GradeCam Helper Options page. On this page, on the "Gradebook Transfer Method" field, you can choose either the "Web Grade Transfer" or the "Legacy Grade Transfer."

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