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Rubric With capture not compatible


I created an assignment with the Rubric with capture as a question and it is not capturing the image in the box and it is also saying that one or more of the questions is not compatible. I am not sure why this is happening.


Thank you

Jason Corella

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Hi Jason,

 I wanted to give you an update. Our developer was able to target the issue, and we have a fix to be released soon. 

We appreciate your patience in this while the correction is being made.

Also for bringing this to our attention.

Have a great evening,

Donna Fairhurst

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Hi Jason,

We may need some specifics to be able to look into the issue further. To avoid sending any student-specific data on the public forum, I might recommend sending in a quick ticket to , and please include as clear an image as possible of one or two of the forms that you are trying to scan in, but that are not correctly capturing the handwriting area for your rubric question. From there we can follow up and figure out exactly what's going on.


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