Number grid and forms

Here's a feature I'd be interested in seeing:

When I set up a number grid, I would like for each column in a particular question to have different bubbles.  For example, in a question, I'd like to see 4 bubbles, but only the 2nd and 3rd bubble contain the "." and the "/" characters.  Can we make this happen?

Also, I'd like grade cam to know that a fraction and equivalent decimal are both good answers.  For example, if an answer to a question is 1/2, I would like grade cam to recognize .5 as a correct answer.

Additionally, I'd like, for one question, to let grade cam know there are two acceptable answers (with a number grid) answer.

Finally, I'd like for it to be possible to use blank forms and print multiple forms per page



Jai Sharma

Woodstock High School, Woodstock IL



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