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Scrolling is really difficult ot do when looking at scans or at the key view. Arrow keys don't scroll down and if you use the wheel on a mouse it goes more than a single page view down (I think because the header is so large and takes up so much space). The scrolling also won't allow you to just click it down one view, you have to manually move the scroll bar down, which has regularly resulted in clicking a question instead of the super skinny scroll bar. Anything that makes viewing easier would make a big difference in ease of use while also shuffling papers on a desk.

Caroline Hadley

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Thank you, Caroline,

 I can see that your scroll bar is very narrow.  Mine does change as I change my page resolution.

I am not sure why you are not able to use your mouse ball to move down a few at a time as I am able to scroll down a few at a time but I am on a Mac so that may be the difference. 

I will definitely put in a request to make the scroll bar to the right a little bigger.

Thank you for your input.

Enjoy your day,

Donna Fairhurst

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Hi Caroline,

 Could you give me a specific key or report that you are looking at when mentioning this?

When I scroll down the page in the Key window or in the scans view, I am able to scroll as far as I need to for that page.

If you change your resolution, that makes the scroll bar wider so it could be that your resolution on that page is higher.

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst 0 votes

This occurs anytime I have selected an assignment and am on the "Key" view (or any scans or reports view as well, for that matter). It is not that I cannot scroll down as far as I need, it is that it scrolls to far if I use the wheel on the mouse, or else I have to drag the scroll bar down on the side, but it is unnecessarily narrow and harder to quickly select and move, especially when you are in a rush. These are not big problems, but I do think are design flaws that should be easy to fix. It would also be nice to be able to use the page down button, but that does not do anything. In order for the scrolling to match the amount I want to scroll down I have to zoom out below 70%, at which point it is not read clearly. Changing the resolution of the screen does not make the scroll bar any wider, it is still significantly smaller than a normal scroll bars width.

Here is a normal scrollbar appearance, that works with a wheel on a mouse, is easy to use, and works with the page down button.


Here is the key view before scrolling- it does not scroll down with arrows or page down button, and is unnecessarily difficult to move the scrollbar.

Here is the key view after 1 scroll down- it has scrolled past several numbers that I then have to move the scrollbar back to, which is unnecessarily frustrating.


Caroline Hadley 0 votes