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Forms are too short?

This is not so much a feature as something I have noticed when printing out the forms - they don't seem to utilize the full page properly. I made a short quiz that, if I was able to edit it, would definitely fit on one side of the paper and not spill over onto the backside. I looked back at other forms and it seems to be the case across the board that the portrait-orientation of the form seems to only use the top two-thirds of the paper and that seems like a waste to me.

I don't want to be able to manually edit this (tedious) but it seems like this is a waste of paper. Is this due to the scanning algorithm? Or just has no one else noticed this before?

Matthew Jandreau

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Good morning, Matthew,

 The forms are being generated in this way to allow for all cameras to be able to keep the form within the view.

If the form was the whole page, it would not allow for some cameras to scan so we have made the forms to generate i this way.

Have you tried to print at a smaller percentage?

Thank you,

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