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grade cam sreen

Good Afternoon, I am having trouble with the gradecam camera screen. It is black and not scanning my scantrons at all.

Shirlevia Jones

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Hi Shirlevia,

 I am glad we were able to talk on the phone yesterday. I am going to list a few things for you to check on your browsers as one of my colleagues uses this older camera all the time with all the updated browsers. It is a plug-n-play so no drivers should need to be loaded.

Do you have a video icon in the upper right of the browser bar that has an X on it that could be blocking the camera from connecting? There may be a pop up that asks you to allow your camera to run or the plugin to run always.

Make sure that your IT dept is allowing all of our urls "" like and as with the updates you mentioned that were run, some permissions made have been changed with your network filter.

After we went through some things yesterday and allowing the camera and choosing the camera in your GradeCam account settings, I would suggest rebooting your computer as well.

Please let me know if you were able to get things to come up and scanning.

Thank you,

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