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Multiple Versions - Simpler


It would be wonderful to add a feature where keys could be copied between versions and then rearranged. For example, I set the question types, answers, standards, and point values for version 1. Then, I could copy that key to the other versions, and drag/renumber the questions so they fit my exams. Having to go in and make separate keys for each version is a hassle that could be made a lot simpler.


Thank you!

Amanda Fedorko Completed

Official comment


Good morning, Amanda,

Thank you for taking the time to send in your suggestion. This is on our radar but there is not a timeline as to when it will be added.

We appreciate all input from our valued users.

Have a great start to a new year.


Donna Fairhurst

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I wish this feature would be added soon.  It was requested over 2 years ago.  It is really a must for High school and college exams!


Chrissy Rogers 1 vote