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suggested feature - email scores to students

I would like to suggest a way to email students their scores on an assignment. There are 2 big downfall's to this software, extra paper use and student feedback. On top of printing a test for each student, the MC test has uses more paper and you have to print an answer sheet. That adds up over a year. Giving feedback is either another printed sheet or some teacher workaround. The ability to email students scores and missed responses would alleviate both issues. 

Kristopher Stephens

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Hello Kristopher,

The GradeCam forms can be laminated.  If you find that you are created assignments that have a very similar key, it is recommended that you laminate the form and have students use a dry erase marker or Vis-a-vis pen.  You can also consider dropping the form into a protective sleeve.

We will be adding the option for teachers to email results to students.  I would suspect this to be available in the next 2-3 months.  A solution that is available currently for school or district adoption is the option to use the Student Portal.  Once student scores are scanned, the teacher can post the scores right to the students account for viewing.  The portal allows the teacher to post the test document and for students to see exactly what was missed and score.  This is an add on feature.

Thank you for the feedback. If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


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