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Multiversion Forms

PLEASE give us back the option to print one generic form for an exam that has the option to bubble which test version they use.   Why did this disappear recently? and with no warning?   

This recent change forces us to print different forms for every version of the test AND make sure we give the right form to each student. It is an administrative nightmare when trying to test a class of 35 students.

Laurel Regnier

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Hi Laurel,

 You are able to print a generic multiple version (MV) form.  The only time the version bubbles are not an option is if the versions are different and the answer form for the students will be different.

When you log in > Forms > you will have a choice to make MV form. 

Please let me know if you have any trouble with this.  You just need to make sure that the versions are all the same when printing out the forms.

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst

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To clarify -

I can have two different versions of the key, but each version must have, for example, question 1 is a multiple choice with four options; question 2 is a number grid with four places; question 3 is a multiple choice with two options; etc.

And the only difference is, to stay with the same example, Version 1 has Question 1=A, while Version 2 has Question 1=B; Version 1 has Question 2 = 0.4, while Version 2 has Question 2 = 0.6

Is that the condition under which I can print forms where the student fills in the Version ?

Michael Clarage 0 votes

Hi Michael,

The condition that would allow the student to bubble in the version would be:

both versions would have to have Q1 multiple choice with four options - like A-D, Q2 is a number grid with four columns and Q3 is a multiple choice with two options - like AB

Q2 with the gridded question - with the four columns you can have Ver 1 with answer 255 and Ver 2 with .06 - just as long as your answer is not longer than the four columns. You could not have an answer 15432 with four columns.

It is determined by the layout of the question and not necessary the length of the answer.  Q1 Ver 1 could be correct answers ACD and Ver 2 could be B only - just as long as Ver 1 isn't A-D and Ver 2 is A-C. That would change the question layout in each version

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst 0 votes