Scanning issues...

Just recently It takes forever to scan. Giving prompts to lighting... if it does read it I have to type in the ID number.. or verify multiple questions and then save, it asks if I want to record as blank.. etc.  I have tried many different things, even gone as far as testing it with a sharpie to ensure visibility as well as changing my "lighting".  I have been using GradeCam for over 3 years now in the same classroom, with the same lighting, and with the same camera and have yet to have this issue. I have tried 3 different browsers, Firefox, Chrome, and even internet explorer with updated add-ons/plugins and still have this issue. It simply will not read the forms. Forms printed are at 100% and one per page. Just wondering why the sudden trouble for this is happening. Our school pays for this program now because I have spread this awesome tool around by word of mouth over the past several years. ANY help on this would be great!


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