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Multiple version bubble sheet help

 It does not give me the option to allow students to fill in their own version of the test into their scan tron.

How do I bring this option back 

When I created a new assignment, the option is there. What do I do?!

Mark Maschenik

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HI Mark,

If your keys are not set up the same, then you will not get the option to print a form with the version bubbles as each form will need to be specific to the different keys in those versions.

On your Final Exam Multiple Version test, on Ver 1, you have #46 and #47 as T/F but then on Ver 2, you have multiple choice questions for #46 and #47 so you would not be able to use the same answer form for the students. That is why you are not getting the option to print the version bubbles.

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst

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