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Issue...afraid i know that answer...

So i printed a bubble sheet...then added a version before any scans were made...

However...i had kids fill out the pre-V2 bubble sheet...Now GradeCam is asking for the version...


Basically...How can i scan a single version...when GradeCam thinks its supposed to be a Multiversion?


I'm currently just manually inputting...and it sucks....



Justin Slaven

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Hi Jason,

 The only way you can scan the non-version forms would be to remove all versions from that assignment and then scan the forms.  You could scan V2 first and then export your data or transfer your grades and then remove all versions and scan the non-version form - if that form was for that assignment.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst

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You could create a clone of the assignment to avoid messing up any answer key you made for v2.

You could also print new answer sheets, give them to your students with the original answer sheets, and markers to bubble the forms. Just tell them you made a mistake and tell them to transfer their answers over. Using a marker is faster for bubbling the gradecam forms.

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