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Switching a form to another assignment or version?


I feel like I know the answer but I want to be sure.  I created an assignment and printed forms but then noticed an error after giving it to one class.  I fixed it for future classes, but now want to go back to grade that first class.

I thought I could create a new assignment with a new key to scan them, but realized due to the form identifier on the forms this won't work.

Would it be possible to create a new version in the current assignment and scan them then? Or no since the forms were not printed with a version to identify?

If that won't work do you have any advice for me? I might just give up and go the long way anyways, but I wanted to at least ask.



Amanda Bell

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OK - that is what I was hoping that you could kind of used it and then just do a quick correction.


Have a great summer,


Donna Fairhurst

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Hi Amanda,

Can I ask what the error was that caused you to create another test? Did you trash and delete that first assignment?  

Thank you,


Donna Fairhurst 0 votes

I had misnumbered my test and skipped a number.  I did not trash and delete the first assignment I just modified the key for all the future classes to be correct.  

As of now, I'm just going in and scanning the exams and moving the answers for the last 35 questions.  It's not too laborous and it feels like the only way.

Amanda Bell 0 votes