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Ability to clear scanned test results.

It would be great to give the teacher the option to clear the scanned test results for the entire class or for a single student without having to delete the test and re-create it.

Example a teacher may want to give a student a chance to retake the test, or this happens more at an elementary level but a teacher has bubble sheets for her language and reading test and because the student roster is identical for both tests the teacher accidentally scans the wrong bubble sheets under the wrong test.

Andy Doss

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Hi Sally,

If you drill down into the Reports Tab and choose class on the left menu, select the assignment at the bottom and you will see data for that class only.


Debbie Delaney

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Hi Andy,

You can scan a new exam into GradeCam and it will overwrite the old assignment.   Let's say that I have 2 assignments from student ID 1234.  I scan the first, it goes into GradeCam.  When I scan the second exam with ID 1234 into the same Exam, it will overwrite the original scan.  

The only thing is that you have to scan another student assignment between the two scans (scan a a different ID).  GradeCam won't scan the same ID twice in a row so that when you place an exam in front of the camera it knows to stop scanning after the first scan, otherwise it would keep beep at you several times a second until you moved an assignment out of the viewer.

Does that fullfill your intention?





Bizzie Cors 0 votes

How do I clear out scans from the previous year? Last year's students are no longer enrolled on my account, but all of their data is mixing in with assignments I used last year and want to use this year. I need results for current students only. Thanks!

Blaire Harrison 0 votes

Hi Blaire,

  Setting terms helps separate things.  To get just this year's data for a specific class, you will want to go to Reports > Classes > and click on the specific Assignment at the bottom of the page and this will give you specific data just for that class.  You can get specific data for each student by going to Students section instead of Classes.  

At this time you can't delete past data.

Hope this helps,


Donna Fairhurst 0 votes

I too continue to see phantom data from previous students who have been removed from the system. These errant scores affect the data analysis. Can't seem to purge them.

Sally VanDereedt 0 votes