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Option for teachers to print off single student forms rather than reprinting a whole class or printing blanks.

A teacher should have the ability to print out a student exam form rather than having to print out the entire class.  I know they can print out a blank form and fill in the student ID.  However, in some cases a teacher may have to reprint several students from a particular class for whatever reason, be it poor printing or misprint.  We had one teacher print out a class set and 1/3 of them got cut off when printed.  So, she had to reprint the entire class again.  Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have this option.

Amy Myers

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We now have the ability to print individual student forms. Just check the box on the left sidebar "print individual" and this will print each students' tests separately.

Donna Fairhurst

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I'll bring this up at our next meeting.  An update of the form printing system is high on our priority list so this might be slipped into that upcoming update.  



Bizzie Cors 0 votes

One work around this is to just choose what page number you want when printing.  So if I just need John's form and he is page 9, then I can just print off page 9 since each form is a page in and of itself.  Will help until we change the printing structure.


Donna Fairhurst 0 votes