Numerical Response Questions

We often use numerical response questions where students must be able to calculate or determine their answer and then place that answer into the boxes and fill in the corresponding circles. This is also required on government standardized tests. We would love to have this feature as part of GradeCam to allow fast marking and analysis. The answers can be anywhere from 1 to four digits long. Answers that do not fill all the spaces always start from the left side and leave any unused spaces empty on the right. I have included a graphic image below of what they are required to use. Analysis could be as simple as a percentage right or wrong, or a breakdown of the different responses given and their individual frequencies. I had originally requested this feature when our school started using GradeCam over a year ago and was told then that is was being worked on and would be going within a year or so, but I have not seen any development or discussion on it since then. We would love to know if this is going to be a possibility.


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