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Copy assignment

We’re starting to use it with our elementary teachers. They have a writing rubric that will be used on each writing assignment that students complete. SO it will use the same answer key again and again, however, we would want to see the students scores over time to show growth. It would be great if they could copy the assignment, rename it and then scan the assignment. Our content area district TOSAs would also like to be able to copy the pre-assessments and rename as ‘post’ assessment.

Diana Eggers

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This feature has been added to our development list for version 3.  We can not promise when this will be available but we understand the importance and are listening!

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Debbie Delaney

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We would love this feature as well.  Copy Pre-Test and make it a Post-Test without having to create a new answer key and/or enter all the standards over again!!!

Scott Klump 0 votes

I would love this feature as well.  Instruction is driven by data and growth over time.  I would love to be able to copy a pre-test and make it the post test without having to enter the standards all over again!

Cheryl Arp 0 votes