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Printing multiple score boxes on one piece of paper

I want to have several score boxes on one sheet of paper.  That way, I can walk around the room, fill in homework credit and such directly on a GradeCam form, and then quickly upload to my gradebook.  However, as I can't figure if GradeCam has this feature, I'm currently grabbing selected-area screenshots of my students' pre-filled score boxes one at a time, then copy-and-pasting them into a document.  It just seems this might be something GradeCam could automate, where we get to choose how many we want on a sheet.

Jason Haap

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We have added a feature to print multiple forms on one page now. When in the printing window, check the box "print multiple forms" and this will print however many forms can fit on one page - you can adjust the size of the form to fit more forms per page.

Donna Fairhurst
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Would rubrics do the trick ?

1-Make an exam with 5 items
2-Then on the key, change the 5 items "Type" to "Rubric"
3-You could then make those worth any score by editing the points.

Does that accomplish your goal?

Elizabeth Cors 0 votes
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