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Custom start numbers

I would like the ability to specify which number to begin with on the answer form. Many times only a portion of my tests are multiple choice. I would like to be able to have, for example, questions 25-48 be multiple choice rather than 1-24.

Sarah Cantrell

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Hi Jane,

 At this time, you are not able to renumber the GradeCam forms. You can create forms for 50, 75 or 100 and laminate to reuse those forms. Then you can give zero point value to any of the questions that you do not want to grade like to 1-24 and then grade 25-50. You do not want to write inside the bubble form so you would not want to cross off the numbers on the form if skipping any numbers.

Hope this helps. We have had discussion on being able to renumber but have not decided on when or if to add this feature.

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst

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Hello Sarah,
That is a great suggestion and I have added this to our list of features to consider. We appreciate the feedback and keep your ideas coming.

Debbie Delaney 0 votes

Hi Sarah,
You could create your key and have 0 points for 1-24 and then just have points for 25-48 and GradeCam will only scan 25-48 on your test. Try that and see if this helps meet your needs at this time.

We appreciate all our customers have to offer and continue to add features to make our user experience better. Please submit your request to our support forum:

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst 0 votes


I like grade cam and in fact bought a license many years ago and have one of your cameras. Unfortunately, many of my test are numbered 25-50 or 51-75 as they were designed for 100 point scantrons and my department wanted us to use them more than once. The cost and effort to reprint these would be problematic. Is there away to customize the grade cam answer scan document and the answer key to enable me to use my existing tests or will I have to modify and reprint them.


Jane Strayhorn 1 vote