Android gradecam app not marking/scanning

Android gradecam app not marking/scanning.
V3.0 app
Android 5.1.1 running on Note4
I'm testing out grade cam and I am hugely impressed.
I can scan with my iPad (air). If dots are in black felt, I can scan in multiple light conditions, sometimes it takes 15-20 seconds. If the light is bright but diffuse, it is quick!.
There android doesn't give any results. It tries to do the green rectangle over and over but nothing happens. No scan. No mark. Same light as iPad, same sheets.
I cannot wait to get my document camera hooked up to my computer.
Besides lighting, what else can I try.
My answer sheet has 16 questions. 4 are numerical grid of 5 figures each, 3 questions of m/c a-j, and 9 m/c of a-e .
I thought the note4, being a quad core running at 2gHz would be wonderful.

Thanks for supporting your wonderful app and website.
Mr. B. Currell


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