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Changing Account Email

My school district is switching email databases.  How can I change this in GradeCam and let my colleagues know how to as well?

Old email:

New email:

Bre Houston

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Hi Bre,

   I would suggest that the account admin actually contacts us to have the emails changed in the background so all is connected correctly.  That would be the safest thing for all.

You are able to add another email to your account and then make that email the default email. This will allow you to log in with your new email.

Click on GradeCam Go! above your account name (if you are not already on that side) When in GradeCam Go!, click on the menu options and choose Settings. In Settings, you will see where you can add another email to your account. You will be sent an email to verify this new email. Once you have verified this email address, go back into the Settings and make this your default email.

To go back to GradeCam Insight, choose "Use GradeCam Insight" from the menu options.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this,

Donna Fairhurst
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