student reports with percentage grade

 Just in the last week or so this has changed.  I was able to go to assignments, click on classes and select a class from the left margin.  I would then select  all students or however many I wanted and a paper icon with writing would appear next to "more".  This would generate my student exam reports with a percentage grade.  It would show the questions missed with the correct answer .  I do not want the report that only has "number correct/total number" .  I prefer the one that shows the grade.  This is the paper my students would take home to get signed by their parents.  I can still see this report one by one, but that is very time consuming.  If I want to print I have to use other software to cut and paste each report for over 150 students.  I wrote a letter to you guys on Monday or Tuesday of this week and coincidently by the end of the day the icon I am looking for was available again, but now it is gone again. Why is this happening? 


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