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Importing students to gradecam

When I try to import my students into a class, GradeCam wants it as first name then last name then ID. Powerschool gradebook sets it as last name, first name then ID. It is in CSV format, but I must double the names to get GradeCam to take it. Is there a way to have it split the names without me retyping all the names?

james Stacy

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I'm trying to import students from the excel spreadsheet however, overtime I do a class those students are attached to each of my 5 classes in grade cam. For instance my 3rd period class has 26 students in it. When I upload it to class labeled 3rd period that's fine. When I upload the 19 to 4th period they go in fourth period on grade cam but also replace the first 19 in 3rd period in grade can I fix this???

Wanda Jenkins 0 votes
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Hi Wanda,

 Are you using the same student ID for all classes? 

GradeCam was designed to use a unique student ID for each student - usually a district ID - for tracking data longitudinally. We encourage you to use the student unique ID and then you can just use the last 3 or 4 digits for the GradeCam ID on the form when printing. You can create a generic GradeCam ID which can be used year after year for any student but the unique student ID should not be re-used as it is unique to each student.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst 0 votes
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