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Duplicate Test Template

We would like to have a test template that remains the same each week but allows us to change the standards for each test.  Can this be done instead of having to create a new test each week?

Catherine Fine

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HI Catherine,

 You can create a Test A that would be the original key. Then you can clone this and rename Test B and add your standard that you want for one week.  Then you can clone Test A again and call it Test C and add your next set of standards and scan.

If you do not care to keep any data from each test, you can just create Test A and add the standards, scan and then when you are ready for the second set of standards just edit Test A and overwrite the first scans.

If you want to keep the data, you will want to do the first suggestion.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst

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