Stay of Execution for Classic GradeCamInsight

First off I cannot express enough my utter delight with GradeCam. It is a time saver par excellence for a teacher. I sincerely applaud your efforts at upgrading  GradeCam,  however, I strongly urge you to reconsider the decision to abandon GradeCamInsight for GradeCamGo.  I’m a firm believer in minimizing the number of steps in GUI's needed to complete a specified task. The new GradeCamGo has some useful features but the classic GradeCamInsight wins hands down. GradeCamInsight has a more streamlined and efficient graphical user interface due to its simplicity. Classic GradeCamInsight is truly a thing of beauty (and you are talking to a former programmer whose pet peeve has always been GUI’s). The education market is replete with clunky and poorly designed programs. GradeCamInsight has been a refreshing standout in this market - don’t lose this edge. As January 1, 2017 approaches I cringe.

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