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program is not recording scanned grades

I scanned my AP tests last week and fortunately took the grades as I scanned.  I went back to print out the student reports and there are no scans of record.  When I try to scan a makeup test, once again I get a scan and score that I can use, but nothing is recorded.   This is the first time this has happened, but I can't get any scan to be recorded in the program. It is as if I've never corrected any of the tests.

I have not changed or altered anything on the answer key.

Tracy Buscher Completed

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Hi Stephanie,

When you say they are not saving the scans - are you hearing the beep that they are scanning and seeing the scores and then they disappear?

It seems that your terms had expired your rosters. If you refresh your account, you should see your rosters correctly now. They had just been expired so the scans were under All Terms and not under Current Terms.

Let me know if this doesn't resolve this for you.


Donna Fairhurst

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Hi Tracy,

 Which assignment was this in your account?  Which rosters are your AP rosters that you scanned?

Thank you,

Donna Fairhurst 0 votes

I am having the same problem with an AP Exam

AP Ch 10-13 I have scanned them from my IPad and my phone thinking there was an issue with one but they are not saving the scans like normal.

Stephanie Evans 0 votes