Camera no longer working

I just switched to the new gradecam version and my camera is no longer working on chrome or firefox.  It does work with Microsoft Edge.  I am using the built in HP HD Camera on a HP Probook 650 G2.

It was working fine until the last week.  The camera light turns on but the scanning screen only shows a gradecam logo.  It does not say camera not found.  The camera still works with all other programs.

I have tried:

Uninstalling the camera and reinstalling all drivers.

Uninstalling the gradecam plugins, programs, and extensions and reinstalling.

Checking on the browser security to allow the program have access to the camera.

Rolled drivers for the camera back.

Nothing has worked and I would prefer to be able to use this with Chrome again.  On the camera option for gradecam it gives either default, or camera 1, it does not give me a specific pulldown for my camera.

Once again it works with Microsoft Edge only, and the camera works with all other apps.  This started having a problem about a week ago.


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